NCIG is a substantial and long-lasting initiative, creating a resource with benefits that may take decades or even generations to emerge.

NCIG is Australia’s leader in Indigenous genomic research.

NCIG has an established, Indigenous-led model for inclusion of Indigenous Australians in medical genomics research.  

  • Strong Indigenous governance and oversight 
  • Outstanding program of community engagement in research 
  • Cutting-edge genomics research  
  • Successfully addressing the ethical, cultural and social issues involved 
  • Highly advanced systems for data management and analysis 

In the communities where NCIG works, 90% of people whose historical samples are held in the collection have consented to the use of their samples and data in NCIG genomic research.   Not only has consent been given, but highly creative ideas are brought forward from Indigenous communities for the best use and management of the collection.

The NCIG model receives its strength and resilience from the gift of ancient wisdom applied to modern science.

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