Governance & Ethics Framework

ANU holds a collection of biological samples and associated data that were obtained from Indigenous people for scientific research. In recognition of the collection’s immense cultural, historical and scientific importance, the University is committed to ensuring: 

(a)  that the collection is held and added to under appropriate Indigenous custodianship; and 

(b)  that there is proper engagement with Indigenous people and communities from which the samples and records were collected about any use of the collection for research; and 

(c)  that appropriate consents are obtained for any research using material in the collection. 

The National Centre for Indigenous Genomics (NCIG) is established as a body within ANU by The National Centre for Indigenous Genomics Statute 2016. The Statute can be downloaded from the Federal Register of Legislation. The purpose of the Statute is to establish an appropriate framework to ensure Indigenous governance of, and the application of best practice for, the conduct of any research using material in the NCIG Collection. 

Under the statute NCIG has an Indigenous-majority Board that is the custodian of the Collection with responsibility for its management and use, and for appropriate addition of new material. 

As a statutory body under Indigenous governance, NCIG now provides as a safe, permanent, national keeping place for biological samples and for genomic and related data obtained from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 
The NCIG Board is currently amending NCIG’s policies and protocols to make them consistent with the Statute. Updated information will be posted to this site as it become available. Please email if you wish to be notified when new information is posted. 

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